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About Our Pub

The Post Pub was inspired by years of hearing the same suggestion from Lamppost customers; that they love the food, but kids running wildly through the restaurant made it difficult to enjoy a good beer and watch sporting events.

We always agreed, but never had the ability to provide such a location. When we moved locations in 2019 we decided to build what the people who have grown up with Lamppost have always wanted; The Post Pub, the Lamppost for adults. Whether you grew up coming to Lamppost for team parties and other events, or currently have little ones bringing you to Lamppost, The Post Pub allows you to enjoy yourself without the kids (its 21+). We have over 30 beer selections, multiple wine options, as well as multiple seltzer options to satisfy even the most eclectic taste. There are 16 big screen tv's that cover all the walls, so finding the game you want to watch won't be a problem. Order your favorite meal from Lamppost or try something new from the expanded Post Pub menu, either way we got you covered. From darts, to shuffleboard, to wine down Wednesdays, or even trivia nights, there is plenty of entertainment to keep you coming back. Parties, yeah we can host those as well. The Post Pub, its Lamppost all grown up. Cheers!

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